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427 CI 

TAMARA is sexy and practical!

If a stiletto heel could be too sass for a weekday, why don’t you shift to TA-MARA with her block heel … optimum comfort and effortlessly stylish.

Good choice!

Let me find your size with the sample of -try-on-shoes- then customize away!


Forma/Last: Tamara
Shoe Leather: hair on leather green and white
Profile: green leather
Insole: nude

Toe Shape: Pointed toe stiletto
Heel Height: 100 mm (3.9 inches)
Heel Covering: Flat Black Gommato
Could Include:  Straps and Laces
Strap Buckle Color: your choise

You can choose different leathers from the 'lagarzarara' website to personalize your shoes.

Make your own style!

Call me now!

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